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Origin: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Genres: International Music


Years Active:1996 - Present


Label: Music Sound US




The Makkah-born Saudi composer is most known for his work with the much-loved, famous singer, Abdulmajeed Abdulla, in particular, his work on the album Ya Taib Algalb (1996), which took the music industry by storm. Mamdouh has also attained widespread acclaim for his own album, Harmony (2014), which is adored by fans of romantic instrumental music.

Press Quotes..

"The musician, Mamdouh Saif, manages to beautifully blend the East and West in the matter of Moments, all while taking his audience on a Voyage Of a Soul."


- Faisal Turki, Kuwait's Al-Rai News

"Mamdouh Saif creatively transforms the beauty around us into music. With these new musical pieces, he fuses the East and West, while drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, feelings, and words."

- Mohammed Bassam Al Hussein

Al-Madinah Saudi Newspaper 

Mamdouh Saif: "Culture Authority" will bring our art to the world


Monday 30/07/2018

Suhail Tashkendi - Jeddah


Saudi artist Mamdouh Saif called on the General Authority for Culture to continue its tangible movement and efforts to develop the artistic talents of the Saudi youth in order to prepare a distinguished generation of Saudi artists in various cultural and artistic fields. Artist Mamdouh Saif said to Al-Madinah Newspaper: "I hope that Saudi musical talent will be sent abroad for a highly professional education and training in the field of music, in addition to building schools and institutes specialized in music education within the Kingdom. He praised the efforts of the Culture Authority in developing the cultural sector in the Kingdom to a competitive level, and he highlighted the cultural, artistic and literary aspects that the Kingdom has to the outside world."

Saudi artist Mamdouh Saif has contributed to enriching the artistic and cultural arena in the Kingdom by providing many unique songs and musical works in a unique style and a new modern vision. His musical works were admired and appreciated by art connoisseurs and music lovers in the Kingdom, the Gulf States and the outside world. He said he was fond of music and playing music since his childhood. He learned to play the piano at the age of 10 at the hands of music teacher Dr. Samira Refaat. When he grew up, he mastered the piano and the keyboard, which enabled him to play in the Saudi radio and concerts. He then joined the Berklee College of Music in the United States and learned the basics of jazz and soundtrack through a number of specialized teachers.

Saif said he got his first and most important opportunity in the field of art in 1996 through his collaboration with leading Gulf artists, including the star Abdel Majeed Abdullah in the album "Ya Tayyeb Al-Qalb" (O Good Heart), which has become popular since its release 20 years ago and until now, in addition to his participation with the artist Muhammad Abdo in many concerts inside and outside the Kingdom.

He pointed to his success in composing a number of famous songs of the great artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah, the most prominent of these songs are: "Ya Tayyeb Al-Qalb" (O Good Heart), "Ya Ward" (O Rose), "Qalbi Ysalem Aleik" (My heart greets you), "idallaa" (indulge yourself), and "Fawqa haza alhub" (above this love). He also released a first-of-its-kind music album in the Arabian Gulf, "Harmony" in 2014, as well as the album "Between the Two Seconds" in 2017, and other works of art that received widespread acclaim until the artist Mamdouh Saif has a lot of followers and music lovers in the Arab world.


Kuwait's Al-Rai Newspaper 

Mamdouh Saif Brings together "East and West" ... "In a Moment"

During a classical evening organized by "Rotana" on "Abdul Hussein Abdul Ridha" theatre and attended by Nabeel and Abdul Majeed.


May 12, 2017

Faisal Turki wrote:


The Saudi musician Mamdouh Saif brought together "East and West" ... "In a Moment" after he made the audience soar in a "Journey of Spirit".

This is what happened yesterday evening at the classical musical evening organized by Rotana Audio and Video Company under the patronage of the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and acting Minister of Information Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah. The concert was performed by the singer Mamdouh Saif accompanied by the orchestral band led by Maestro Waleed Shaaban at the stage of Abdul Hussein Abdul Ridha theater.

The concert was attended by a large crowd of all nationalities and groups in a large artistic scene that proved, beyond any doubt, that art unites peoples and eliminates the distances between them.

The theatre was filled with fans, who were glued to their seats at the concert for nearly two hours. They were led by the leaders of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, along with the director of Rotana, Salem Al-Hindi, "The Gulf Nightingale" Nabeel Shuail, in addition to Abdul Majeed Abdullah and a large number of other great artists and music lovers.

At the beginning of the event, the musician Mamdouh Saif expressed his pride in standing for the first time before the Kuwaiti music-loving audience, according to his expression, expressing at the same time his great pleasure because the Gulf singing giants were attending the concert, especially both artists Nabeel Shuail, and Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and the composers Mishal Al-Arouj and Salah Al-Rashed.

Mamdouh Seif opened the musical evening with a classic piece called "The Journey Begins", in which all the instruments participated in playing. The theatre was decorated with bright lights, which seemed like a magical galaxy with its white, blue and red colors, which brought joy to the place.

Then, the musician Mamdouh Saif played on the passion of hearts, in one of his most beautiful works, entitled "East and West," which the Western instruments and oriental rhythms competed to play. It was truly a musical masterpiece worthy of commendation and praise.

In the meantime, "Shawq"(Longing) flamed with passion and nostalgia, when the composer Mamdouh Saif's hands harmonized with piano keys before the sad violin's sound chanted by a brilliant performance from the orchestral band leader Waleed Shaaban, followed by the singer Sumaya Ahmad who entered the field of sorrow with her deep voice touching the strings of love and separation. Saif also performed a piece entitled "In a Moment", while the composer Salah Al-Rashed went on stage to join the orchestral band playing the oud.

To the tune of the "Rumi Dance", the stage of the theater burst into cheers and applause that made the audience's enthusiasm reaches its peak when the "Kingdom" played the most beautiful tunes, till the love flowed from the "Love Eyes" in a charming piece of music that received great interaction and harmony.

The music falls in Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Ridha's theatre never stopped, and the "Jazz Night" was all over the hall with joy and rapture. Saif once again made the big audience soar in "A Journey of Spirit" and was too romantic. The musical splendor was enhanced by the wonderful concert in the piece of music "Wonderful Evening", followed by the "Love Tenderness". Then he ended his songs with a dazzling performance of music playing the tune of the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah's song "O Good Heart", which the "Gulf Nightingale" Nabeel Shuail sang from his seat in the stands.

Musician Mamdouh Saif has been dazzling the Arab world for more than two decades with his music, and is now returning to a new and completely different musical style, especially since he was known for his original works with the singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and specifically in the album "Ya Tayyeb Al-Qalb" (O Good Heart) which was a blockbuster and was widely recognized when it was released in 1996. Saif has also been successful in his latest album "Harmony 2014", which has been widely acclaimed, while currently preparing to present something unique, not only in music, but also an enlightening artwork that combines both music and literature at the same time.



Al Arabia Channel 

Saudi musician Mamdouh Saif participates in the King 's Cup final


Date of publication: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Source: Riyadh - Mohammed Jarrah


The Saudi musician # Mamdouh_Saif revealed his participation in the King's Cup final with a world music band that they will present pieces on the pitch, and said through his account on Twitter:

"I am proud to have participated for the first time in a new musical performance in the final of the King's Cup # 02017, with the participation of an international band that will play music from Al-Jawhara Stadium."

Mamdouh Saif recently succeeded in giving a large musical event hosted by Kuwait on the artist Abdul Hussein Abdul Ridha's theater and presented a collection of masterpieces. His first appearance on the stage was met with outstanding reactions from the audience, and he was able to attend again significantly.

It is noteworthy that Saif gave the star Abdul Majeed Abdullah a number of tunes that have received high echoes such as the "Awakening of Jamra", "Ya Tayyeb Al-Qalb" (O Good Heart)" and "Yaward"  (O Rose). He also has a 10-track album called "Harmony".



Saudi Makkah Newspaper 

Mamdouh Saif: Music achieves human homogeneity


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Amal Baqazi – Makkah

There is an idea that has become prevalent among a large segment of society, based on the outbreak of differences from the womb of human instinct of difference. However, the Saudi composer and musician Mamdouh Saif believes that human differences should create a harmonious fabric for the continuation of life in its normal course.

Based on this, his first album, "Harmony," came out two years ago, composed of 10 pieces of music, each of which carries a different identity and finally emerges in a form that harmonizes and discards differences.

He tells "Makkah" that each instrument has three notes that vary in frequencies. When combined, it is called "Harmony." He explained that the purpose of this album is to harness the different cultures of people and their tastes in achieving harmony in music.

He points out to the need for musical art to an idea to be built on it and a message to the listener, who should not be limited to enjoyment and entertainment. He also adds: At first, I did not intend to release an official album, but 5 pieces I wrote and just published on social media sites, but the reactions prompted me to complete and put them in one album.

He stated that music is part of the culture and nature of the old community, despite experiencing a period of pause for decades, to return again with more awareness, support, and education than the past. He also added: The music culture is clear among the members of the community as life returns to concerts.

He pointed to the need to stay away from the principle of what the listeners ask in the composition of music, but to take into account the change of musical ear in the modern generation is very important. He also added: Musical works should be put in line with the general trend in the world in terms of their wording, sound design and its containment of multiple musical instruments, as well as the added influences of the music industry.

He confirms that there are Saudi musicians who keen to present their art in the homeland. "We have a lot of worthy works," he says, "which blend the new and the original into a template that suits young people's orientations.



By: "Fn1 Magazine" in concerts and festivals 

11- 05-2017

Khaled Al-Rashed wrote

Saudi musician and composer Mamdouh Saif shone on Wednesday evening in his first concert in Kuwait under the patronage of Acting Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Information Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah in Abdul Hussein Abdul Ridha's theater.

The singer Mamdouh Saif said in press statements that his presence in Kuwait and the presentation of his first concert there was a source of happiness, especially in the presence of a distinguished elite of artists and musicians such as Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Nabeel Shuail, media men and the wonderful Kuwaiti public.

He also expressed his pride for holding this event under the patronage of the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and acting Minister of Information Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, and he thanked the National Council for Arts and Culture in Kuwait and Rotana for Sound for organizing the event.

This is the second concert in Kuwait for the musician Mamdouh in 2017 after the famous concert on 30 March last on the stage of the Kuwaiti Opera House, which led the event of Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Nabeel Shuail are from singers to audience listeners:

This time they were not only on stage, but among the audience as they sat in the first row among the audience with the President of Rotana Mr. Salem Al-Hindi to follow the creativity of their colleague Mamdouh Saif, whose  first musical appearance was hosted by Kuwait. They were surprised as their friend played his famous piece "Ya Tayyeb Al-Qalb", and he went down and gave the microphone to Abdul Majeed and Shuail amid the cheers of the audience and applause and encouragement of Abdullah Al-Ruwaished and Salem Al-Hindi, and so they sang a clip from the song.

Returning to the event, Mamdouh Saif thrilled the audience with 12 pieces accompanied by the Ahmadi Orchestra led by Maestro Waleed Shaaban, where he performed Rumi Dance, the Eyes of Love, Spirit Journey, At the Moment, the East and West and other musical pieces that satiated the audience.

After the success of the grand concert, Mamdouh Saif wrote through his Instagram account "A nice night, thank you for your presence, your wonderful interaction and your sweet words .. You made me happy," amid demands from his fans for a similar concert in Saudi Arabia.

In 2004, composer Mamdouh Saif released a musical album called "Harmony", which includes 10 works and received positive echoes.




"Middle East Newspaper" (Asharq Alawsat) 

April 7, 2014

Rotana today announced the release of a new album for Arabic music pieces in a unique style according to an unprecedented modern vision by Saudi composer Mamdouh Saif through ten pieces of music.

This idea, according to the artist Mamdouh Saif, enriches the art and music arena specifically with such works to create a special kind of positive influence for those who appreciate the aesthetics of art in particular, and music lovers in general.

Composer Mamdouh Saif added that he preferred to return, after his short break from the musical scene through this musical vision, in a new and different way.

These musical pieces are "Eyes of Love", "Shawq" (longing), "East and West", "Rumi Dance", "Kingdom", "In a Moment", "Love Tenderness", "Night of Jazz", "Journey of Spirit", and "The Journey Begins."

Meanwhile, the composer Mamdouh Saif confirmed that he will return again for his collaborations in the musical works, especially duets with his companion the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah, which reached the climax. The most famous works are still echoing in the musical scene, such as the famous song "Tayyeb Al-Qalb" (Good Heart), which achieved an Arab spread in the nineties. It is one of the works known for the Saudi artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah in the Arab world; and this work is still being presented in the Gulf and Arab events.