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About | عن ممدوح

Mamdouh Saif is a Saudi music composer and producer. He is one of the multi-golden album producers in the Middle East. He started his journey as a young musician from Makkah with Mohammed Abdu. Then transitioned into 20+ years of working almost exclusively with his friend and partner, Saudi singer Abdulmajeed Abdullah. He produced songs such as Ya Taib Algalb (21M), Ghano Lehabibi (28M), Ya Ward (1.8M), and more that became iconic melodies and songs of the region.


After a successful career as a music producer with Abdulmajeed Abdullah, Mohammed Abdu, Talal Madah, Diana Hadad and other artists from the MENA region, he started composing his solo albums, such as Harmony, In Between Two Seconds, and most recently, Letak Ma’ai featuring Tuniaian superstar Oumaima Taleb.


Mamdouh has been working on various projects in Saudi Arabia, such as performing at Aljawhara Stadium in front of the King of Saudi Arabia - King Salman - #نهائي_كأس_الملك with over 60k audience. He was also a judge at #نجم_السعودية where they discover upcoming singers from Saudi. Last but not least, he composed the musical identity for the Saudi Cup #كأس_السعودية, the most valuable international horse race ever held, with a $35 million purse at King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 


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