About Mamdouh Saif..

Mamdouh Saif has graced the Arab world with his music for over two decades. Now, he is back in new shape and entirely different music. 
The Makkah-born Saudi composer is most known for his work with the much-loved, famous singer, Abdulmajeed Abdulla, in particular, his work on the album Ya Taib Algalb (1996), which took the music industry by storm. Mamdouh has also attained widespread acclaim for his own album, Harmony (2014), which is adored by fans of New Age plus the instrumental music.  
Since his life-changing spiritual awakening, Mamdouh is preparing to share with us something like never before, not just music but rather an enlightening work of art in the form of music and literature. Stay tuned!
Be sure to keep up to date with everything else that Mamdouh has in the pipeline for the near future!